Waste Water Treatment

Hydrolink specializes in design and supply of systems for the treatment of numerous wastewaters. Facil- ities which have been supplied in the past include chemical flocculation, clarification, dissolved air flo- tation, screening biological treatment using both fixed and floting media, filtration and oxidation Using zonation and chlorination. The refuse of treated effluent has been achieved by applying our experience in membrane separation, specifically ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. As the price of the buying raw water and discharging untreated effluent rises, increasing opportunities for recycling industrial waste streams present them selves. These opportunities are being converted into treatment plants by compa- nies as Hydrolink who can deliver the technologies required at realistic prices. .Hydrolink will facilitate the provision of the treatment plant suitable for your specific requirements which will be cost effective and require minimal operator attendance allowing your organization to continue with its core business and not require considerable time and money to be allocated to waste water treatment.